Want to turn your music hobby into profession but worrying about money?

Does the thought of turning your hobby into profession give you financial chills?
Hey you! Yeah, you reading this! you are not the only one. This is a common problem faced by those who want to earn through their passions. For those whose passion turns out to be of artistic nature, it gets more difficult.

Music falls perfectly into the category we are discussing. It’s relevant to think about the cash flow although worrying about it may not be a relevant solution. The apparent fact is that you won’t be making much money as you are yet to carve your share in the industry. Therefore having a financial plan is highly beneficial.

Here is a list of popular ways through which people earn money online, till the time their passion becomes their go-to cash cow – 

1) InboxDollars

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From its beginning in the year 2000, InboxDollars has paid more than  56 million dollars as cash rewards. InboxDollars gets paid by the brands who need users viewpoint of their products. InboxDollars then in turns pays its user’s real cash to take online surveys, watch promotional videos, read emails of the same.

It pays you for leisure activities like playing games and online shopping on their website. Along with real cash, InboxDollars also gives coupon cash rewards and online cash backs to users. Inboxdollars in recent has partnered with big brands like Netflix and Walmart.

2) Satta king

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Satta king is an online website which lets you place Satta or bets. The game of Satta involves betting on a 3 digit number. Three random cards except for J, K, Q are drawn from the pack of cards. Cards are then arranged in ascending order to form the winning number.

Despite being illegal in India, Satta king’s popularity is widespread. Privacy of the betters on the website contribute majorly to Satta king’s popularity. Despite being a popular way to earn, we don’t advertise or promote our users to indulge in betting of any form.

3) Slice the pie

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Slice the Pie is an online site where you get paid to review music. It’s not only a great site for music lovers but for aspiring musicians too. As a user on the site, you listen and review random songs and compositions on the site. For reviewing user’s get paid real cash, cool merchandise, and free gigs.

While users can earn by reviewing, aspiring musicians can also submit their tracks and get recognized. So till the time you get critically acclaimed for your music, you can have your slice of pie on slice the pie.

4) getPaidto

Get Paid To logo

 getPaidto is another site like inbox dollars that pay its users to complete surveys, play games, watch videos and more. The earned points can be easily converted into real money and can be easily transferred to the bank account. The earned points can also be converted into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and digital gift cards in amazon and PayPal respectively.

5) Reward box

Rs. logo on Reward Box logo

Reward box is currently the most trending site offering users free Paytm cash. You can earn up to Rs.1,000 a day by playing exciting quizzes in various categories. Along with quizzes reward box also pays users for playing games on their website.

Rewards box’s ability to provides its user’s knowledge facts along with free Paytm cash makes it quite popular. Currently, the website sports more than 1 lakh, active users.







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