Top 5 Money games in the market you should know about!

Are you aware of these money games in the market? Yeah, MONEY GAMES. There are many games available nowadays which pay their user’s real cash in terms of rewards.
Not only cash these games very often give their users exciting rewards like travel packages, free mobile recharges and amazing merchandise.

Below is the list of top 5 money games you should know about!

1) Royal panda

Royal Panda most visited online Casino

One of the most visited online casinos in India is Royal panda. There are a variety of casino games like jackpots, slots, multiple table games including blackjack and roulette on the website. The site is available in 8 different languages along with a great customer support team.

Regular players are awarded travel packages and additional funds under loyalty panda programme. 100% welcome bonus, weekly bonus alongside other amazing offers are provided by royal panda to its users. The site also offers a wide variety of deposit options to ease the gaming experience of players.

2) Satta king

See results of Satta king

Satta king is an online gambling website which helps users to play Satta. Satta which in general means gambling or betting. Satta king is a lottery cum gambling site. The bets are placed on a 3 digit number and the number is decided by drawing 3 cards from a pack except for joker, king, and queen. Cards are then arranged in ascending order to form a lottery number.

The minimum and maximum bets on Satta king are Rs 9.5 and Rs.1000 respectively. Playing Satta was quite popular before independence too. The game was then promoted by Kalyan Ji Bhagat and Rattan Khatri in the country through Mumbai. Despite the fact that gambling or betting is illegal in India, Satta king’s popularity is unmatched.

Even being illegal, the business currently operates from Mumbai with average monthly betting around Rs.100 crores. Suggestions are made very often to legalize websites like Satta king which will, in turn, increase the tax revenue for the state. 

3) RummyCirlce

Popular Rummy gaming site RummyCircle

Rummy is a very popular card matching game. A most popular site for playing rummy in India is In rummy the player who forms a combination or a set of cards before others win the game. You can play rummy 24 x 7 in various Indian and international tournaments on Players can also play free rummy tournaments with great cash prizes. The site offers a bonus of Rs. 2,000 for new registrations.

Rummy circle accepts all major debit and credit cards for game deposits. The gaming site offers super-fast rummy games with multiple rummy table gameplay with zero waiting time. Rummycircle promotes fair gameplay with top-notch security. It has daily deposit limit for rummy players so players don’t get addicted to the game. The site provides secure payment options and is SSL secured to protect users privacy.

4) MPL

 Mobile Premier League logo

MOBILE PREMIER LEAGUE is a gaming application which provides you with games that are easy to play. With competitive tournaments having gamers from around the world. The application provides you a chance to earn money by playing exciting games in different categories.

You can transfer the earned money directly to your bank account or to the Paytm account linked with the mobile premier league. The android users can download the application by visiting MPL’s website.

The gaming application is also available on apple through the app store. MPL has a messaging feature through which you can connect with other gamers to share your insights as well as gaming experiences.

5) Dream 11

Dream 11 Fantasy gaming, India's biggest sports game

One of the most popular gaming applications to earn money is Dream11. The application lets you create your own virtual team that you can manage like other fantasy games. You can create a team by adding players to it using your skills and knowledge of the sport. Kabaddi, NBA, Cricket and Football are the games in which you can create your team.

The team created by you earns points on the basis of the added players real-time performance in the live game.

To earn real cash you must work on attaining maximum points so you can end up on rank 1 in your fantasy league. You also get a free bonus on your first signup. The money earned can be easily transferred to your bank account.



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