Struggling to stable finances even after being well established in the industry?

Well, the fact with which you should be aware of is that only 1% in the music industry have stable careers and finances. Despite being established others aren’t even able to survive on their music paychecks. The stories of the never-ending riches and luxuries after being a rockstar just fades away in the spotlight of reality.

Trust me lack of talent and skills is not the issue. Therefore doubting yourself won’t help. By the same token, you can always work on them!

So let’s see what 99% of musicians do in such an adverse situation. The major get depressed by seeing the 1% swimming in cash ponds. Where others do odd and small jobs just to meet their need’s end and focus on their music. An artist rightly said, “To be in a creative industry, you got to be more creative in accepting your side hustles”.

To end your struggles here is a list as to how you can earn money online :

  •  Surveys and Reviews

    sign up, take survey, get rewarded

    There are many sites which pay you for completing surveys and reviews. These sites get paid by big corporates for conducting these surveys. To keep the users interested they pay users a part of their revenues. RewardBox, Sawbucks, MassUpdates, and InboxDollars are some of the most visited survey sites.

  •  Satta king

    Kalyan /Milan day and Mumbai/ Milan night Satta result chart

    If you can gamble your limited fortune. Satta king is the website to go for!
    Satta in general means betting. In the game of Satta, bets are made on a random 3 digit number.

    3 cards except for J, K and Q are drawn from the pack of cards and arranged in ascending order to form the winning number. Satta king’s websites witnesses a monthly average betting of I.N.R 100 crores.

    The legal status of betting platforms like Satta king is illegal by law. The Satta king has various betting Matka’s but Mumbai main Matka, Kalyan Matka, Milan day and Milan night Matka are the most famous ones.

  • Virtual assistantship

    A boy and girl doing virtual assistant-ship

    Virtual assistantship or online assistance service is the one where you work as an online assistant for the contractee. Pretty much any business service can be provided being a virtual assistant. Except for those services which need a physical presence.

    This form of work culture is not only beneficial for the client but also for you as the contractor.

    The work culture is best for artists as they don’t have much time to travel. Nowadays many companies pay well for online assistantships as they are able to cut many costs.

  • Start your own website



    You can start and earn from your own website. From selling your personalized merchandise to writing about your journey. You can pretty much do anything. After gaining substantial traffic. You can apply for Google Adsense, Sell Ad space, Affiliate marketing and can even accept donations.

  • Online tutoring


    laptop showing text '' tutoring'' on a laptop

    Being a musician you can earn well by teaching online. With the reach to the world in your pocket. You can share your music lessons on various content streaming sites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. This will not only boost your finances but will also provide you a market image.

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