Is lack of finance your roadblock in learning music?

Are Julliard, Berkley and Royal school of music is in your list to learn music from? Searching for what to do if you lack finances for these top music schools. Relax this article will answer all your questions.

Why top music schools aren’t the only way 

Top music schools like Juilliard, Berkley and Royal school of music needs no introduction. Big names in music have carved their way in the industry after graduating from these ivy schools. There is no second guessing of the best  learning facilities these schools provide. But do you really think a mere admission in these schools will get you top rankings in the billboard.

If that was the case legends like Elton john, Thelonious Monk, Prince, Michael jackson would have never ruled the billboards. Most of them either were self taught or had informal mode of trainings.


If not top schools then what 

These are a number of ways to learn music apart from getting an admission in top music schools, some of them are –

– Take courses on platforms like udemy, coursera and edX. The sites offer you music courses from top universities around the world.
– Learn music tutorials from various channels on youtube for free.
– Start working at a music production company at any post they offer. You can learn a lot just by being in the environment.
– Assist another budding music artist.

What about the needed finance

Its apparent that you still need some finance even if you don’t go to an ivy league music school. Money will be needed to purchase music instruments, online courses and basic music softwares. Dont worry and check out the list below to earn money online.


1) Write blogs

laptop showing different blogging methods

You can earn a fair amount of money by writing and monetizing a blog. The blog if engaging can be about anything. You can share anything from your music aspirations to your exciting learning experiences.

 2) Satta king

Kalyan/Milan Day and Mumbai/Milan Ngt Satta result list

Satta means betting in general. Playing Satta in India is illegal by law. Satta king is an online site which helps users to place bets online. Although playing Satta is illegal but Satta kings popularity is unaffected. Average monthly betting through Satta king’s website is around Rs. 100 crores. Rs. 9.5 And Rs. 1000 is the lowest and highest bet on the Satta king’s website. There have been arguments that legalizing platforms like Satta king will improve states tax revenue.

3) Affiliate marketing

How does affiliate marketing work

The game of the affiliate marketer is such that no one loses. You can earn a fair amount by becoming an affiliate marketer. If you do well the earning can support your major spends.

4) Translating 

Translation word being highlighted by green highlighter

With the exchange of information being worldwide. Often users of internet need a translation of foreign languages. You can earn well to cover your expenses by doing these translating jobs.

5) Freelancing

Freelance written on black board held by a man

 Freelancing is another great way of earning. In freelancing, you get paid to complete activities, job works or for providing services. Being different than the traditional ways of employment make freelancing quite popular.



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