Having difficulty in monetizing your music?

It’s common for creative people to have a difficult time earning through their art. There are many reasons behind the same and not being talented is not of them. Out of all, fainted presence in the market remains the prime reason. Musicians who form a part of these creative geniuses, share no different fate. But the effective use of social media along with the adoption of different sources of income can significantly improve the financial position of the creative people.

1) Stream on Youtube

YouTube Live streaming poster

 Aspiring musicians can create an account and stream their content on youtube. Youtube has become a one-stop destination for creators to showcase their content to the world. The platform along with global reach provides also provides creators to interact with their audience with youtube live. If you pass through YouTube’s monetization policy you get paid too. 

2) Sell your merchandise

Shelf full of wrapped cosmetics

You can start selling merchandise under your brand name. As soon as you gather social media following you can earn by selling merchandise.
You can sell t-shirts, mobile covers and what not under your brand name. Selling merchandise will expand your brand along with being your additional revenue line.
Recent studies show that selling merchandise has a great impact on brand loyalty.

3) Satta king

Pen on a Satta King result chart

As the name suggests Satta king is a betting site. Despite betting being illegal in India, Satta king’s popularity is widespread.  The game of Satta involves betting on a 3 digit number. The winning number is determined by drawing three random cards and arranging them in ascending order.

All cards can be drawn except J, K and Q. On Satta king minimum and maximum bets amount to Rs. 9.5 and Rs.1,000 respectively. The current monthly betting on Satta king averages at I.N.R 100 crores.

Satta king is illegal and we don’t advertise or promote betting on Satta king. It is mentioned in this article due to being one of the most visited sites by the users to earn additional income.

4) Become a music teacher

A music teacher teaching guitar to kids

Music being your forte, you can earn substantial revenue by becoming a music teacher. Along with enhancing your skills, teaching will provide you local recognition. Streaming your music lessons on platforms like youtube will also provide you wide student base and fame. The money earned can be used well for meeting your expenses until you make it big.

5) Small gigs

A man with big hairs playing guitar

To support your finances you can do some small gigs too. You can create Background music for promotional videos, perform live at a bar, perform at charity events and can play on the streets too. All these activities won’t only ease your finances but will also help you with networking.

7) Blogging

What's your story? Poster on a laptop

While this may appear absurd to you, but trust me its worth it. You can be your own public relations team. Write a blog about your career journey, day to day experiences and whatnot. You can create value for aspiring musicians by guiding them. This will not only enhance your image in the industry but also a revenue source to rely on!


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