Fun activities to get off your boredom!

Having a hard time finding something exciting to engage yourself with. Don’t pull your hair off! We know you are getting bored and we are here to rescue. The application and activities mentioned in the list will get you off your boredom for sure.

1) Marshmello Music Dance

Marshmello Music Dance Game Logo

The Game is for all the Marshmello fans out there. This music game application comes from the EDM sensation Marshmello himself. The game is a beat tapping game. You tap on the beats on time without missing them to earn points. 

Marshmello Music Dance application gets updated every week with the latest Marshmello songs. While playing the game you can collect character cards, open free daily chests and collect exciting characters.

2) Satta king

The game of Satta was popularised by Rattan Khatri and Kalyanji Bhagat in India. Although the game was popular in the pre-independence era. It was only after 1960 that Satta market grew many folds. Game of Satta back then had a market of Rs. 6,000 crores. The game of Satta involves betting on a random 3 digit number.

Now the bets are majorly placed through Satta king. Satta king is an online betting portal. Bets are made on the Satta king from around the globe with an average monthly betting of Rs. 100 crores. Betters can bet from as low as Rs. 9.5 to as high as Rs. 1,000 on Satta king’s betting portal.

3) Spotify

Music streaming application Spotify logo

Spotify is a Sweden based music streaming application. Spotify provides you unlimited free songs, podcasts, and artists to hear too. The application has a well-curated playlist for music lovers.

With its premium subscription, you can download and listen to songs offline. Along with offline music streaming you can listen to songs without ad breaks. Spotify is gaining popularity globally with over 16 lakhs active users around the world.

4) Piano Free – Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games 

Piano keys

This fun application is developed by a team of musicians. The application will help you learn different instruments virtually. You can learn from 9 different pianos to Electric Guitar, Harp, and Cello. If not in a mood to take lessons, you can play the fun magic tiles games and play some famous tunes.

5) Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator

Do you want to know how being a drummer in a band feels like? You can fulfill your wish through this great application. The app. gives you feel of playing in a live band with a virtual pianist, guitarist, and singer to accompany you.

You can enhance your beat skills by playing on different types of drum kits available. Being a new drummer you also get saved from investing in a real drum kit.


6) Real Guitar Free – Chords, Tabs & Simulator Games

Guitar strings -Real guitar free game logo

This fun application is brought to you by Gismart. On the application you can pluck and strike virtual guitar strings to learn the instrument for real. Along with the music lessons, you can play the chords of some famous tunes of all time. With all being said Real Guitar is surely a great app for learners around the globe.








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