Entertain yourself with these games on your mobile phone!

Find no difference in the real and virtual gaming world. You know that your love for games is hidden from no one. With this article here is a list of music games that you can play to have fun.

1) Dream Piano – Music Game

Dream Piano music game logo

Dream piano is an exciting music game. You have to tap on the speedy music tiles to play the rhythm without missing a beat. The game lets you choose the song of your choice and lets you play the melody. What differentiates dream piano from other music games is its simple graphics.

The game frequently updates itself with new songs of different genres to keep things exciting. Achieve more in the game to climb up the leaderboard. You can also boast and share your game ranking with your friends on facebook.

2) Satta king 

Satta king result chart

 Satta king is an online gambling portal. The site allows you to place bets online. Despite the game of Satta being illegal the popularity of Satta king is widespread.

In the game of Satta, gamblers bet on a random 3 digit number of their choice. The winning number is decided by drawing 3 random cards from a pack of cards. Cards are then arranged in ascending order to form the winning number. All cards can be drawn except J, K, and Q.

Betters can bet as low as Rs. 9.5 to as high as Rs. 1,000 on the betting portal Satta king to win big. The betting site encounters an average monthly betting of Rs. 100 crores from around the globe. It’s often said that one should play games like Satta at their own risk.

3) Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game

Dancing ballz logo

Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game Is another music tapping game. In the game, you have to keep your dancing balls on the moving tracks to score high. The game has more than 40 soundtracks to start the play with. The game has more than 1,70,000 lakh active users. Users reviewed the game to be addictive and challenging at times. We will recommend users to maintain a healthy use time on the game.

4) Tabla Drum Music Instrument

Indian tabla

The game lets the users learn and play the musical instrument Tabla. With the multi-touch support offered by the game users of the game get the feel of playing a real tabla. The application is gaining quite a popularity among music lovers. Along with playing different tabla tunes, you can record them to listen to your musical geniuses.

5) Simple Drums – Deluxe

Drum set

Simple Drum Delux is yet another amazing music game for you. The game supports
realistic graphics along with simple and easy to use user interface. You can play and record your tunes with 24 real percussion sounds and 8 different drum sets. The game is a must-have on your device if you love playing drums and want to learn them without losing your home space.


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