Earn money by listening to your favorite songs!

So you are excited too by reading the title. If you are a music lover nothing can be better than this right!  And even if you aren’t a music buff who kicks away free money, right?

In this article, you will get to know about how you can earn real money by listening to music online. It’s a win-win situation for both music lovers and those who want to earn some easy money.

Nowadays there are many websites on the internet which pays its users to listen and review music. Constructive reviews help the singers to improve themselves. It also provides an insight to the talent agents about whom they can market.

Why should you visit these sites?

The answer to this is WHY NOT? For those who love music, you can listen to new artists and songs for free and get paid. Those of you who don’t follow music much can earn money by listening and reviewing songs. In any case, it’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Which are these sites?

1) Musicxray

On Musicxray website amazing new singers and songwriters showcase their work. You just have to create a free account by filling a short form. The site then provides you a list of the songs of your favorite genres.

You then can listen and provide reviews to the artist and get paid too! The site also showcases ads. from music producers, television and marketing agents who are searching for songs or lyrics. You can also support your favorite artist or band by leaving a tip.

2) RadioLoyalty

Radio loyalty logo

Love listening to the radio? With RadioLoyalty you have reach to radio channels across the globe. You can listen to any genre from rock, classical, hip hop, country, talk, and sports radio, etc. The kick is you get RadioLoyalty points to listen to the radio on RadioLoyalty. The earned points can be converted into a prepaid visa card. You get a 25$ visa prepaid card on the accumulation of 2,94,000 points.

3) Satta king

A king with hands folded

 Satta king is an online portal helping betters in placing bets online. Although Satta king is not related to the above-mentioned title. Satta king has global popularity. Users can bet from a minimum of Rs. 9.5 to a maximum of Rs. 1000 on Satta king. The gambling revolves around betting on a 3 digit number. The number is ascertained by drawing 3 random cards and arranging them in ascending order. The game was popularised in India by Kalyanji Bhagat and Rattan Khatri.

4) RadioEarn

RadioEarn logo


RadioEarn is yet another amazing site that you should know about. You can earn free points by listening to music over the radio. By the end of every month, you can convert your earned points into U.S.D.

Yeah, you read it right U.S dollars. The site even provides you with its Application Programming Interface. You can even earn by embedding the API on your website.


(Apparently it can be concluded that these sites are a great way to earn cash. We highly advise our users to be prudent using these sites. The writer of this article or the publishing site won’t be responsible for any loss incurred by the users.)


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