Check out these 5 music games in the market

Can’t stop thinking about music even while playing games.  You surely are a music buff. Here is a list of top 5 music games that you can play on your smartphone.

1) Guitar Band Battle

Guitar strings

Guitar band battle is a multiplayer music game.  In the game, you form a virtual band with your friends. The game is all about beat tapping. You can collect and customize special guitars. Compete with other players too online in music battles. You can enhance your beats by using bass, drum, pedal, and amplifier.

2) Satta Matka

 numbers in Satta result chart

Although Satta is not a music game. The game of Satta is very popular globally and therefore we thought of mentioning it here. The game involves betting on a 3 digit number. The maximum and minimum amount of betting is Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 9.5 on the betting site Satta king.

3 cards are drawn from a pack of cards which are then arranged in ascending order to form the winning number. Although playing Satta is illegal. The popularity of Satta king website is widespread.

The average monthly betting on the  Satta king site is Rs. 100 crores. The betting business market in India is valued at Rs. 9.6 lakh crores. Satta king has become a go-to gambling station since the better’s identity always remains hidden. Bollywood isn’t far away from the effect of the nearby betting market. With Dharmatma being the first Bollywood movie to be made on Satta. The movie is based on the then Satta king, Rattan Khatri himself. Khatri after then also produced the Bollywood movie Rangeela ratan.

3) MIXMSTR – DJ Game

A boy wearing headphones

So you want to be a DJ. MIXMSTR  is just the game for you. In the game, you can mix real music from real artists. Along with mixing songs, you can collect game cards too.

You can play in small nightclubs to big rave events. You earn fame points by surpassing your previous scores. Fame points can be used to unlock bigger stages.

4) Incredibox

animations of three boys in incredibox logo

Incredibox is a fun music gaming application. The application lets you create different beats and composition with ease. You really don’t have to do much apart from being at ease. Select instruments, effects, choruses, percussions, effects and mix it as you like to make a swaggy beat.

The application is trending among the youths. Trust me no matter how bad you are in music it’s random mix feature will never let you down.

5) SoundCloud

an orange cloud, SOUND CLOUD logo

Although not a game, SoundCloud is a Sweden based music streaming company. With over 200 million songs and more than 20 million artists. SoundCloud is undoubtedly the biggest music streaming service over the internet.

You can find any song, playlist, artist or podcast on the platform that you are having difficulty in finding. In the month of March, only the platform registered 175 million unique users. Along with listening to amazing tracks users can share, upload and promote new songs.



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