Can you entertain yourself and earn too?

So did you too got excited by reading the title! Trust us the title is not a clickbait. Gone are the days when you had to pay to get entertained. Now you can entertain yourself and earn too. What if you can play unlimited quizzes, exciting games and listen to music online and get paid. Nowadays there are plenty of websites over the internet that pays users real money for doing these fun activities.

If you still don’t believe us then check out the list below yourself-

1) HitPredictor

HitPredictor logo with headphones

HitPredictor empowers its users to listen and review a song before its commercially released. The benefits of HitPredictor are not limited to listening and reviewing new songs. To complete the fun task HitPredictor pays the users real money and exciting gift cards.

2) Satta Matka

Kalyan Matka Satta result sheet

The game of Satta is very popular across India. The game involves betting on a 3 digit number. The popular betting site for the same is Satta king. 3 cards are drawn except J, K, and Q from a pack of cards and arranged in ascending order. The game is known as Satta Matka because earlier cards were drawn from an earthen pot i.e matka.

The game has evolved a lot from betting on the opening and closing rates of New York cotton exchange to betting on a 3 digit number. But the name Satta Matka remains the same. Rs.100 crore is the average monthly betting on the online site Satta king. Legal experts state that legalizing platforms like Satta king will increase tax revenue for the state.

The game of Satta has affected Bollywood too. With Dharmatma being the first Bollywood movie made on the theme of Satta. The then Satta king Rattan Khatri not only produced several movies of Bollywood but even acted in them.

3) MassUpdates

MassUpdates logo with a magnifying glass

MassUpdates is an online platform where users can earn along with learning. The site provides its users with fun quizzes in different categories to play with.

Along with quizzes you can submit articles on the site and share your knowledge with the world. The fun part is MassUpdates offers you free Paytm cash, cool merchandise and exciting gift cards for doing these fun activities.

4) Reward BOX

Reward box logo with Rupees symbol

REWARD BOX is another great site that pays you real cash to play quizzes. You can play quizzes in different categories such as history, science, politics, general knowledge among others of your interest. The site is gaining popularity with currently 2 lakh active users around the country. Along with quizzes, Reward Box hosts exciting contests periodically and offers amazing gifts, coupons, and cool merchandise.

5) PlaylistPush

Playlist push is an online website which provides Apple, Spotify and Deezer music users to monetize their playlist. The curators who have more than 400 followers also get paid by aspiring singers to review their songs. PlaylistPush pays the curators between 1$ to 12$ for reviewing the songs based on their popularity.

6) FusionCash

FusionCash logo

Fusion cash is another online website which pays users to complete surveys and listening to online radio. Users get instant  5$ on registration only. The site has an online forum with users sharing ways to earn maximum on FusionCash.

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