Want to turn your music hobby into profession but worrying about money?

Does the thought of turning your hobby into profession give you financial chills? Hey you! Yeah, you reading this! you are not the only one. This is a common problem faced by those who want to earn through their passions. For those whose passion turns out to be of artistic nature, it gets more difficult. […]

Is lack of finance your roadblock in learning music?

Are Julliard, Berkley and Royal school of music is in your list to learn music from? Searching for what to do if you lack finances for these top music schools. Relax this article will answer all your questions. Why top music schools aren’t the only way  Top music schools like Juilliard, Berkley and Royal school […]

Struggling to stable finances even after being well established in the industry?

Well, the fact with which you should be aware of is that only 1% in the music industry have stable careers and finances. Despite being established others aren’t even able to survive on their music paychecks. The stories of the never-ending riches and luxuries after being a rockstar just fades away in the spotlight of […]

Top 5 Money games in the market you should know about!

Are you aware of these money games in the market? Yeah, MONEY GAMES. There are many games available nowadays which pay their user’s real cash in terms of rewards. Not only cash these games very often give their users exciting rewards like travel packages, free mobile recharges and amazing merchandise. Below is the list of […]