Want to turn your music hobby into profession but worrying about money?

Does the thought of turning your hobby into profession give you financial chills?
Hey you! Yeah, you reading this! you are not the only one. This is a common problem faced by those who want to earn through their passions. For those whose passion turns out to be of artistic nature, it gets more difficult.

Music falls perfectly into the category we are discussing. It’s relevant to think about the cash flow although worrying about it may not be a relevant solution. The apparent fact is that you won’t be making much money as you are yet to carve your share in the industry. Therefore having a financial plan is highly beneficial.

Here is a list of popular ways through which people earn money online, till the time their passion becomes their go-to cash cow – 

1) InboxDollars

InboxDollar logo

From its beginning in the year 2000, InboxDollars has paid more than  56 million dollars as cash rewards. InboxDollars gets paid by the brands who need users viewpoint of their products. InboxDollars then in turns pays its user’s real cash to take online surveys, watch promotional videos, read emails of the same.

It pays you for leisure activities like playing games and online shopping on their website. Along with real cash, InboxDollars also gives coupon cash rewards and online cash backs to users. Inboxdollars in recent has partnered with big brands like Netflix and Walmart.

2) Satta king

Image result for satta king

Satta king is an online website which lets you place Satta or bets. The game of Satta involves betting on a 3 digit number. Three random cards except for J, K, Q are drawn from the pack of cards. Cards are then arranged in ascending order to form the winning number.

Despite being illegal in India, Satta king’s popularity is widespread. Privacy of the betters on the website contribute majorly to Satta king’s popularity. Despite being a popular way to earn, we don’t advertise or promote our users to indulge in betting of any form.

3) Slice the pie

slicethepie logo

Slice the Pie is an online site where you get paid to review music. It’s not only a great site for music lovers but for aspiring musicians too. As a user on the site, you listen and review random songs and compositions on the site. For reviewing user’s get paid real cash, cool merchandise, and free gigs.

While users can earn by reviewing, aspiring musicians can also submit their tracks and get recognized. So till the time you get critically acclaimed for your music, you can have your slice of pie on slice the pie.

4) getPaidto

Get Paid To logo

 getPaidto is another site like inbox dollars that pay its users to complete surveys, play games, watch videos and more. The earned points can be easily converted into real money and can be easily transferred to the bank account. The earned points can also be converted into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and digital gift cards in amazon and PayPal respectively.

5) Reward box

Rs. logo on Reward Box logo

Reward box is currently the most trending site offering users free Paytm cash. You can earn up to Rs.1,000 a day by playing exciting quizzes in various categories. Along with quizzes reward box also pays users for playing games on their website.

Rewards box’s ability to provides its user’s knowledge facts along with free Paytm cash makes it quite popular. Currently, the website sports more than 1 lakh, active users.







Having difficulty in monetizing your music?

It’s common for creative people to have a difficult time earning through their art. There are many reasons behind the same and not being talented is not of them. Out of all, fainted presence in the market remains the prime reason. Musicians who form a part of these creative geniuses, share no different fate. But the effective use of social media along with the adoption of different sources of income can significantly improve the financial position of the creative people.

1) Stream on Youtube

YouTube Live streaming poster

 Aspiring musicians can create an account and stream their content on youtube. Youtube has become a one-stop destination for creators to showcase their content to the world. The platform along with global reach provides also provides creators to interact with their audience with youtube live. If you pass through YouTube’s monetization policy you get paid too. 

2) Sell your merchandise

Shelf full of wrapped cosmetics

You can start selling merchandise under your brand name. As soon as you gather social media following you can earn by selling merchandise.
You can sell t-shirts, mobile covers and what not under your brand name. Selling merchandise will expand your brand along with being your additional revenue line.
Recent studies show that selling merchandise has a great impact on brand loyalty.

3) Satta king

Pen on a Satta King result chart

As the name suggests Satta king is a betting site. Despite betting being illegal in India, Satta king’s popularity is widespread.  The game of Satta involves betting on a 3 digit number. The winning number is determined by drawing three random cards and arranging them in ascending order.

All cards can be drawn except J, K and Q. On Satta king minimum and maximum bets amount to Rs. 9.5 and Rs.1,000 respectively. The current monthly betting on Satta king averages at I.N.R 100 crores.

Satta king is illegal and we don’t advertise or promote betting on Satta king. It is mentioned in this article due to being one of the most visited sites by the users to earn additional income.

4) Become a music teacher

A music teacher teaching guitar to kids

Music being your forte, you can earn substantial revenue by becoming a music teacher. Along with enhancing your skills, teaching will provide you local recognition. Streaming your music lessons on platforms like youtube will also provide you wide student base and fame. The money earned can be used well for meeting your expenses until you make it big.

5) Small gigs

A man with big hairs playing guitar

To support your finances you can do some small gigs too. You can create Background music for promotional videos, perform live at a bar, perform at charity events and can play on the streets too. All these activities won’t only ease your finances but will also help you with networking.

7) Blogging

What's your story? Poster on a laptop

While this may appear absurd to you, but trust me its worth it. You can be your own public relations team. Write a blog about your career journey, day to day experiences and whatnot. You can create value for aspiring musicians by guiding them. This will not only enhance your image in the industry but also a revenue source to rely on!


Is lack of finance your roadblock in learning music?

Are Julliard, Berkley and Royal school of music is in your list to learn music from? Searching for what to do if you lack finances for these top music schools. Relax this article will answer all your questions.

Why top music schools aren’t the only way 

Top music schools like Juilliard, Berkley and Royal school of music needs no introduction. Big names in music have carved their way in the industry after graduating from these ivy schools. There is no second guessing of the best  learning facilities these schools provide. But do you really think a mere admission in these schools will get you top rankings in the billboard.

If that was the case legends like Elton john, Thelonious Monk, Prince, Michael jackson would have never ruled the billboards. Most of them either were self taught or had informal mode of trainings.


If not top schools then what 

These are a number of ways to learn music apart from getting an admission in top music schools, some of them are –

– Take courses on platforms like udemy, coursera and edX. The sites offer you music courses from top universities around the world.
– Learn music tutorials from various channels on youtube for free.
– Start working at a music production company at any post they offer. You can learn a lot just by being in the environment.
– Assist another budding music artist.

What about the needed finance

Its apparent that you still need some finance even if you don’t go to an ivy league music school. Money will be needed to purchase music instruments, online courses and basic music softwares. Dont worry and check out the list below to earn money online.


1) Write blogs

laptop showing different blogging methods

You can earn a fair amount of money by writing and monetizing a blog. The blog if engaging can be about anything. You can share anything from your music aspirations to your exciting learning experiences.

 2) Satta king

Kalyan/Milan Day and Mumbai/Milan Ngt Satta result list

Satta means betting in general. Playing Satta in India is illegal by law. Satta king is an online site which helps users to place bets online. Although playing Satta is illegal but Satta kings popularity is unaffected. Average monthly betting through Satta king’s website is around Rs. 100 crores. Rs. 9.5 And Rs. 1000 is the lowest and highest bet on the Satta king’s website. There have been arguments that legalizing platforms like Satta king will improve states tax revenue.

3) Affiliate marketing

How does affiliate marketing work

The game of the affiliate marketer is such that no one loses. You can earn a fair amount by becoming an affiliate marketer. If you do well the earning can support your major spends.

4) Translating 

Translation word being highlighted by green highlighter

With the exchange of information being worldwide. Often users of internet need a translation of foreign languages. You can earn well to cover your expenses by doing these translating jobs.

5) Freelancing

Freelance written on black board held by a man

 Freelancing is another great way of earning. In freelancing, you get paid to complete activities, job works or for providing services. Being different than the traditional ways of employment make freelancing quite popular.



Check out these 5 music games in the market

Can’t stop thinking about music even while playing games.  You surely are a music buff. Here is a list of top 5 music games that you can play on your smartphone.

1) Guitar Band Battle

Guitar strings

Guitar band battle is a multiplayer music game.  In the game, you form a virtual band with your friends. The game is all about beat tapping. You can collect and customize special guitars. Compete with other players too online in music battles. You can enhance your beats by using bass, drum, pedal, and amplifier.

2) Satta Matka

 numbers in Satta result chart

Although Satta is not a music game. The game of Satta is very popular globally and therefore we thought of mentioning it here. The game involves betting on a 3 digit number. The maximum and minimum amount of betting is Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 9.5 on the betting site Satta king.

3 cards are drawn from a pack of cards which are then arranged in ascending order to form the winning number. Although playing Satta is illegal. The popularity of Satta king website is widespread.

The average monthly betting on the  Satta king site is Rs. 100 crores. The betting business market in India is valued at Rs. 9.6 lakh crores. Satta king has become a go-to gambling station since the better’s identity always remains hidden. Bollywood isn’t far away from the effect of the nearby betting market. With Dharmatma being the first Bollywood movie to be made on Satta. The movie is based on the then Satta king, Rattan Khatri himself. Khatri after then also produced the Bollywood movie Rangeela ratan.

3) MIXMSTR – DJ Game

A boy wearing headphones

So you want to be a DJ. MIXMSTR  is just the game for you. In the game, you can mix real music from real artists. Along with mixing songs, you can collect game cards too.

You can play in small nightclubs to big rave events. You earn fame points by surpassing your previous scores. Fame points can be used to unlock bigger stages.

4) Incredibox

animations of three boys in incredibox logo

Incredibox is a fun music gaming application. The application lets you create different beats and composition with ease. You really don’t have to do much apart from being at ease. Select instruments, effects, choruses, percussions, effects and mix it as you like to make a swaggy beat.

The application is trending among the youths. Trust me no matter how bad you are in music it’s random mix feature will never let you down.

5) SoundCloud

an orange cloud, SOUND CLOUD logo

Although not a game, SoundCloud is a Sweden based music streaming company. With over 200 million songs and more than 20 million artists. SoundCloud is undoubtedly the biggest music streaming service over the internet.

You can find any song, playlist, artist or podcast on the platform that you are having difficulty in finding. In the month of March, only the platform registered 175 million unique users. Along with listening to amazing tracks users can share, upload and promote new songs.



Earn money by listening to your favorite songs!

So you are excited too by reading the title. If you are a music lover nothing can be better than this right!  And even if you aren’t a music buff who kicks away free money, right?

In this article, you will get to know about how you can earn real money by listening to music online. It’s a win-win situation for both music lovers and those who want to earn some easy money.

Nowadays there are many websites on the internet which pays its users to listen and review music. Constructive reviews help the singers to improve themselves. It also provides an insight to the talent agents about whom they can market.

Why should you visit these sites?

The answer to this is WHY NOT? For those who love music, you can listen to new artists and songs for free and get paid. Those of you who don’t follow music much can earn money by listening and reviewing songs. In any case, it’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Which are these sites?

1) Musicxray

On Musicxray website amazing new singers and songwriters showcase their work. You just have to create a free account by filling a short form. The site then provides you a list of the songs of your favorite genres.

You then can listen and provide reviews to the artist and get paid too! The site also showcases ads. from music producers, television and marketing agents who are searching for songs or lyrics. You can also support your favorite artist or band by leaving a tip.

2) RadioLoyalty

Radio loyalty logo

Love listening to the radio? With RadioLoyalty you have reach to radio channels across the globe. You can listen to any genre from rock, classical, hip hop, country, talk, and sports radio, etc. The kick is you get RadioLoyalty points to listen to the radio on RadioLoyalty. The earned points can be converted into a prepaid visa card. You get a 25$ visa prepaid card on the accumulation of 2,94,000 points.

3) Satta king

A king with hands folded

 Satta king is an online portal helping betters in placing bets online. Although Satta king is not related to the above-mentioned title. Satta king has global popularity. Users can bet from a minimum of Rs. 9.5 to a maximum of Rs. 1000 on Satta king. The gambling revolves around betting on a 3 digit number. The number is ascertained by drawing 3 random cards and arranging them in ascending order. The game was popularised in India by Kalyanji Bhagat and Rattan Khatri.

4) RadioEarn

RadioEarn logo


RadioEarn is yet another amazing site that you should know about. You can earn free points by listening to music over the radio. By the end of every month, you can convert your earned points into U.S.D.

Yeah, you read it right U.S dollars. The site even provides you with its Application Programming Interface. You can even earn by embedding the API on your website.


(Apparently it can be concluded that these sites are a great way to earn cash. We highly advise our users to be prudent using these sites. The writer of this article or the publishing site won’t be responsible for any loss incurred by the users.)


Struggling to stable finances even after being well established in the industry?

Well, the fact with which you should be aware of is that only 1% in the music industry have stable careers and finances. Despite being established others aren’t even able to survive on their music paychecks. The stories of the never-ending riches and luxuries after being a rockstar just fades away in the spotlight of reality.

Trust me lack of talent and skills is not the issue. Therefore doubting yourself won’t help. By the same token, you can always work on them!

So let’s see what 99% of musicians do in such an adverse situation. The major get depressed by seeing the 1% swimming in cash ponds. Where others do odd and small jobs just to meet their need’s end and focus on their music. An artist rightly said, “To be in a creative industry, you got to be more creative in accepting your side hustles”.

To end your struggles here is a list as to how you can earn money online :

  •  Surveys and Reviews

    sign up, take survey, get rewarded

    There are many sites which pay you for completing surveys and reviews. These sites get paid by big corporates for conducting these surveys. To keep the users interested they pay users a part of their revenues. RewardBox, Sawbucks, MassUpdates, and InboxDollars are some of the most visited survey sites.

  •  Satta king

    Kalyan /Milan day and Mumbai/ Milan night Satta result chart

    If you can gamble your limited fortune. Satta king is the website to go for!
    Satta in general means betting. In the game of Satta, bets are made on a random 3 digit number.

    3 cards except for J, K and Q are drawn from the pack of cards and arranged in ascending order to form the winning number. Satta king’s websites witnesses a monthly average betting of I.N.R 100 crores.

    The legal status of betting platforms like Satta king is illegal by law. The Satta king has various betting Matka’s but Mumbai main Matka, Kalyan Matka, Milan day and Milan night Matka are the most famous ones.

  • Virtual assistantship

    A boy and girl doing virtual assistant-ship

    Virtual assistantship or online assistance service is the one where you work as an online assistant for the contractee. Pretty much any business service can be provided being a virtual assistant. Except for those services which need a physical presence.

    This form of work culture is not only beneficial for the client but also for you as the contractor.

    The work culture is best for artists as they don’t have much time to travel. Nowadays many companies pay well for online assistantships as they are able to cut many costs.

  • Start your own website



    You can start and earn from your own website. From selling your personalized merchandise to writing about your journey. You can pretty much do anything. After gaining substantial traffic. You can apply for Google Adsense, Sell Ad space, Affiliate marketing and can even accept donations.

  • Online tutoring


    laptop showing text '' tutoring'' on a laptop

    Being a musician you can earn well by teaching online. With the reach to the world in your pocket. You can share your music lessons on various content streaming sites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. This will not only boost your finances but will also provide you a market image.

Can you entertain yourself and earn too?

So did you too got excited by reading the title! Trust us the title is not a clickbait. Gone are the days when you had to pay to get entertained. Now you can entertain yourself and earn too. What if you can play unlimited quizzes, exciting games and listen to music online and get paid. Nowadays there are plenty of websites over the internet that pays users real money for doing these fun activities.

If you still don’t believe us then check out the list below yourself-

1) HitPredictor

HitPredictor logo with headphones

HitPredictor empowers its users to listen and review a song before its commercially released. The benefits of HitPredictor are not limited to listening and reviewing new songs. To complete the fun task HitPredictor pays the users real money and exciting gift cards.

2) Satta Matka

Kalyan Matka Satta result sheet

The game of Satta is very popular across India. The game involves betting on a 3 digit number. The popular betting site for the same is Satta king. 3 cards are drawn except J, K, and Q from a pack of cards and arranged in ascending order. The game is known as Satta Matka because earlier cards were drawn from an earthen pot i.e matka.

The game has evolved a lot from betting on the opening and closing rates of New York cotton exchange to betting on a 3 digit number. But the name Satta Matka remains the same. Rs.100 crore is the average monthly betting on the online site Satta king. Legal experts state that legalizing platforms like Satta king will increase tax revenue for the state.

The game of Satta has affected Bollywood too. With Dharmatma being the first Bollywood movie made on the theme of Satta. The then Satta king Rattan Khatri not only produced several movies of Bollywood but even acted in them.

3) MassUpdates

MassUpdates logo with a magnifying glass

MassUpdates is an online platform where users can earn along with learning. The site provides its users with fun quizzes in different categories to play with.

Along with quizzes you can submit articles on the site and share your knowledge with the world. The fun part is MassUpdates offers you free Paytm cash, cool merchandise and exciting gift cards for doing these fun activities.

4) Reward BOX

Reward box logo with Rupees symbol

REWARD BOX is another great site that pays you real cash to play quizzes. You can play quizzes in different categories such as history, science, politics, general knowledge among others of your interest. The site is gaining popularity with currently 2 lakh active users around the country. Along with quizzes, Reward Box hosts exciting contests periodically and offers amazing gifts, coupons, and cool merchandise.

5) PlaylistPush

Playlist push is an online website which provides Apple, Spotify and Deezer music users to monetize their playlist. The curators who have more than 400 followers also get paid by aspiring singers to review their songs. PlaylistPush pays the curators between 1$ to 12$ for reviewing the songs based on their popularity.

6) FusionCash

FusionCash logo

Fusion cash is another online website which pays users to complete surveys and listening to online radio. Users get instant  5$ on registration only. The site has an online forum with users sharing ways to earn maximum on FusionCash.

Fun activities to get off your boredom!

Having a hard time finding something exciting to engage yourself with. Don’t pull your hair off! We know you are getting bored and we are here to rescue. The application and activities mentioned in the list will get you off your boredom for sure.

1) Marshmello Music Dance

Marshmello Music Dance Game Logo

The Game is for all the Marshmello fans out there. This music game application comes from the EDM sensation Marshmello himself. The game is a beat tapping game. You tap on the beats on time without missing them to earn points. 

Marshmello Music Dance application gets updated every week with the latest Marshmello songs. While playing the game you can collect character cards, open free daily chests and collect exciting characters.

2) Satta king

The game of Satta was popularised by Rattan Khatri and Kalyanji Bhagat in India. Although the game was popular in the pre-independence era. It was only after 1960 that Satta market grew many folds. Game of Satta back then had a market of Rs. 6,000 crores. The game of Satta involves betting on a random 3 digit number.

Now the bets are majorly placed through Satta king. Satta king is an online betting portal. Bets are made on the Satta king from around the globe with an average monthly betting of Rs. 100 crores. Betters can bet from as low as Rs. 9.5 to as high as Rs. 1,000 on Satta king’s betting portal.

3) Spotify

Music streaming application Spotify logo

Spotify is a Sweden based music streaming application. Spotify provides you unlimited free songs, podcasts, and artists to hear too. The application has a well-curated playlist for music lovers.

With its premium subscription, you can download and listen to songs offline. Along with offline music streaming you can listen to songs without ad breaks. Spotify is gaining popularity globally with over 16 lakhs active users around the world.

4) Piano Free – Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games 

Piano keys

This fun application is developed by a team of musicians. The application will help you learn different instruments virtually. You can learn from 9 different pianos to Electric Guitar, Harp, and Cello. If not in a mood to take lessons, you can play the fun magic tiles games and play some famous tunes.

5) Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator

Do you want to know how being a drummer in a band feels like? You can fulfill your wish through this great application. The app. gives you feel of playing in a live band with a virtual pianist, guitarist, and singer to accompany you.

You can enhance your beat skills by playing on different types of drum kits available. Being a new drummer you also get saved from investing in a real drum kit.


6) Real Guitar Free – Chords, Tabs & Simulator Games

Guitar strings -Real guitar free game logo

This fun application is brought to you by Gismart. On the application you can pluck and strike virtual guitar strings to learn the instrument for real. Along with the music lessons, you can play the chords of some famous tunes of all time. With all being said Real Guitar is surely a great app for learners around the globe.








Entertain yourself with these games on your mobile phone!

Find no difference in the real and virtual gaming world. You know that your love for games is hidden from no one. With this article here is a list of music games that you can play to have fun.

1) Dream Piano – Music Game

Dream Piano music game logo

Dream piano is an exciting music game. You have to tap on the speedy music tiles to play the rhythm without missing a beat. The game lets you choose the song of your choice and lets you play the melody. What differentiates dream piano from other music games is its simple graphics.

The game frequently updates itself with new songs of different genres to keep things exciting. Achieve more in the game to climb up the leaderboard. You can also boast and share your game ranking with your friends on facebook.

2) Satta king 

Satta king result chart

 Satta king is an online gambling portal. The site allows you to place bets online. Despite the game of Satta being illegal the popularity of Satta king is widespread.

In the game of Satta, gamblers bet on a random 3 digit number of their choice. The winning number is decided by drawing 3 random cards from a pack of cards. Cards are then arranged in ascending order to form the winning number. All cards can be drawn except J, K, and Q.

Betters can bet as low as Rs. 9.5 to as high as Rs. 1,000 on the betting portal Satta king to win big. The betting site encounters an average monthly betting of Rs. 100 crores from around the globe. It’s often said that one should play games like Satta at their own risk.

3) Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game

Dancing ballz logo

Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game Is another music tapping game. In the game, you have to keep your dancing balls on the moving tracks to score high. The game has more than 40 soundtracks to start the play with. The game has more than 1,70,000 lakh active users. Users reviewed the game to be addictive and challenging at times. We will recommend users to maintain a healthy use time on the game.

4) Tabla Drum Music Instrument

Indian tabla

The game lets the users learn and play the musical instrument Tabla. With the multi-touch support offered by the game users of the game get the feel of playing a real tabla. The application is gaining quite a popularity among music lovers. Along with playing different tabla tunes, you can record them to listen to your musical geniuses.

5) Simple Drums – Deluxe

Drum set

Simple Drum Delux is yet another amazing music game for you. The game supports
realistic graphics along with simple and easy to use user interface. You can play and record your tunes with 24 real percussion sounds and 8 different drum sets. The game is a must-have on your device if you love playing drums and want to learn them without losing your home space.


Top 5 Money games in the market you should know about!

Are you aware of these money games in the market? Yeah, MONEY GAMES. There are many games available nowadays which pay their user’s real cash in terms of rewards.
Not only cash these games very often give their users exciting rewards like travel packages, free mobile recharges and amazing merchandise.

Below is the list of top 5 money games you should know about!

1) Royal panda

Royal Panda most visited online Casino

One of the most visited online casinos in India is Royal panda. There are a variety of casino games like jackpots, slots, multiple table games including blackjack and roulette on the website. The site is available in 8 different languages along with a great customer support team.

Regular players are awarded travel packages and additional funds under loyalty panda programme. 100% welcome bonus, weekly bonus alongside other amazing offers are provided by royal panda to its users. The site also offers a wide variety of deposit options to ease the gaming experience of players.

2) Satta king

See results of Satta king

Satta king is an online gambling website which helps users to play Satta. Satta which in general means gambling or betting. Satta king is a lottery cum gambling site. The bets are placed on a 3 digit number and the number is decided by drawing 3 cards from a pack except for joker, king, and queen. Cards are then arranged in ascending order to form a lottery number.

The minimum and maximum bets on Satta king are Rs 9.5 and Rs.1000 respectively. Playing Satta was quite popular before independence too. The game was then promoted by Kalyan Ji Bhagat and Rattan Khatri in the country through Mumbai. Despite the fact that gambling or betting is illegal in India, Satta king’s popularity is unmatched.

Even being illegal, the business currently operates from Mumbai with average monthly betting around Rs.100 crores. Suggestions are made very often to legalize websites like Satta king which will, in turn, increase the tax revenue for the state. 

3) RummyCirlce

Popular Rummy gaming site RummyCircle

Rummy is a very popular card matching game. A most popular site for playing rummy in India is Rummycircle.com. In rummy the player who forms a combination or a set of cards before others win the game. You can play rummy 24 x 7 in various Indian and international tournaments on rummycirlce.com. Players can also play free rummy tournaments with great cash prizes. The site offers a bonus of Rs. 2,000 for new registrations.

Rummy circle accepts all major debit and credit cards for game deposits. The gaming site offers super-fast rummy games with multiple rummy table gameplay with zero waiting time. Rummycircle promotes fair gameplay with top-notch security. It has daily deposit limit for rummy players so players don’t get addicted to the game. The site provides secure payment options and is SSL secured to protect users privacy.

4) MPL

 Mobile Premier League logo

MOBILE PREMIER LEAGUE is a gaming application which provides you with games that are easy to play. With competitive tournaments having gamers from around the world. The application provides you a chance to earn money by playing exciting games in different categories.

You can transfer the earned money directly to your bank account or to the Paytm account linked with the mobile premier league. The android users can download the application by visiting MPL’s website.

The gaming application is also available on apple through the app store. MPL has a messaging feature through which you can connect with other gamers to share your insights as well as gaming experiences.

5) Dream 11

Dream 11 Fantasy gaming, India's biggest sports game

One of the most popular gaming applications to earn money is Dream11. The application lets you create your own virtual team that you can manage like other fantasy games. You can create a team by adding players to it using your skills and knowledge of the sport. Kabaddi, NBA, Cricket and Football are the games in which you can create your team.

The team created by you earns points on the basis of the added players real-time performance in the live game.

To earn real cash you must work on attaining maximum points so you can end up on rank 1 in your fantasy league. You also get a free bonus on your first signup. The money earned can be easily transferred to your bank account.